Chinalight Group Takes Part in the Signing Ceremony of South Africa-China Economic & Trade Cooperation

2019-06-25 16:43:06 办公室 26

  On June 21, the signing ceremony of South Africa-China Economic & Trade Cooperation jointly sponsored by Ministry of Commerce, P.R.C. and South Africa’s Department of Trade and Industry, took place in Capetown, South Africa. At the ceremony, more than 70 entrepreneurs from nearly 40 Chinese enterprises reached 93 agreements with 60 South African enterprises, coming to a value of 2 billion US dollars and covering a wide variety of commodities such as beef, wool, aquatic produce, pulp and nickel, as well as auto investment, etc.

  Three subsidiaries of Chinalioght Group, including China National Paper & Pulp Imp. & Exp. Corp., Chinalight General Merchandise Import and Export Corporation and Chinalight Everbright Import & Export Corporation, signed 12 agreements on pulp, fish meal, chemical products and fruit with South Africa’s local enterprises at the signing ceremony. Before and after the signing of the agreements, Chinalight Group’s subsidiaries made in-depth investigations and negotiations with their counterparts and visited local manufacturers and exchanged views on cooperative models and future business development. The visit and signing of agreements turned out successful and satisfactory and made sense to Chinalight Group’s business development in South Africa.


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