Municipal Party Secretary of Ulanqab Visits Chinalight Group

2019-08-28 09:40:17 办公室 16


  On Aug. 5, Du Xuejun, Municipal Party Secretary of Ulanqab, Inner Mongolia, visited Chinalight in the company of his subordinates.  Chinalight Group Chairperson Dong Guanghong exchanged views in depth with Du Xuejun over the promotion of bilateral strategic partnership.

  In the beginning of the year, Chinalight Group signed the strategic partnership agreement with Ulanqab with a view to jointly pushing ahead such projects as promoting cooperation between Chinalight and Ulanqab at Qisumu Railway Station as the hub logistics base of China-Europe freight trains. During the talks, both sides exchanged views on recent promotion of the work and on working trains of thought, and expressed the common will of accelerating resource integration, complementing each other’s advantages and striving to reach phasic achievements at an early date.


  Chinalight Group’s Vice President Zhang Dongli and persons in charge of relevant subsidiaries and functional departments attended the meeting.


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