Chinalight Group Vice President Attends Paper and Pulp Meeting in Canada

2019-05-16 10:41:38 办公室 15

  To get a grip of the global pulp market situations in real time, facilitate the mutual connection with the traditional friendly suppliers, and accelerate the internationalization pace of CNPPC, Chinalight Group Vice President Wang Wenjian headed a team for MPA held from May 5 to May 9 in Canada.

  As one of the most famous meetings on the international commodity pulp market, MPA is held every year in May in Vancouver. As of May of this year, the outer offer on the Chinese pulp market had shown a slight increase once again, and quotations on the Chinese domestic spot market as well as futures prices, hit by the supply-over-demand port inventories and with the intervention of financial capital, all had shown a tendency of drastic fluctuation. As a result, information from MPA is of great reference value to the change of the supply-demand relationships and the post-market developments of the commodity pulp and to the operational pulp and paper strategies in the later half of the year even during the whole year.



  During the meeting, Vice President Wang Wenjian met with the important suppliers of CNPPC and made in-depth discussions with them on current market performance and future development trends as well as consolidating bilateral cooperative relations and expanding bilateral cooperation in the right time and reached consensus.

  Wang Wenjian also visited Tricell Forest Products Ltd. and gave work guidance.


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