Poverty Alleviation and Assistance with Loving Care to the Schools in Shangdu County

2019-09-13 14:30:28 办公室 20

  Autumn is always agreeable and fine. With a view to conscientiously carrying out the spirit of the Central Party Committee’s important instructions on poverty alleviation, actively respond to Genertec’s work arrangement on targeted poverty alleviation, and practice its social responsibilities, on the eve of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Chinalight Group carried out poverty alleviation and offered donations with loving care to Genertec Primary School and Dakulun Township Central School in Shangdu County.

  To respond to the call of the Chinalight Party committee and its youth league committee, all units of Chinalight Group organized donation activities, and the broad masses of employees enthusiastically made donations one after another to let the loving care light up the hearts of the children. Just in two days’ time a sum of money totaling RMB38200.00 were collected for poverty alleviation.     

  On Sep. 5, Chinalight President Dong Guanghong and Vice President Zhang Dongli and other related Chinalight personnel went to Shangdu County, Inner Mongolia to donate a sum of RMB25000.00 to the county’s Genertec Primary School and a sum of RMB13200.00 to Dakulun Township Central School in the county.



  In the company of Shangdu’s county leaders, Chinalight leaders visited the said two schools, held talks with school l  eaders and teachers, learned about the schools’ development, work and study by teachers and students as well as the existing difficulties, and expressed care and support to poverty alleviation through education.


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