Vice President Wang Wenjian Visits ILIM (Beijing)

2018-01-30 09:59:04 33

On Jan.24, Chinalight Group Vice President Wang Wenjian headed a team to pay a visit to ILIM office in Beijing, where he had cordial and friendly talks with ILIM deputy general manager and his senior executives visiting Beijing. As a bellwether paper and pulp enterprise in Russia, ILIM Group has maintained close cooperative ties with China National Paper and Pulp Import and Export Corp.(CNPPC), a subsidiary of Chinalight Group, since its entry in China in 1996, and has been one of CNPPC's major suppliers.


    In the talks, both sides exchanged views in detail on pulp, crsft paper and future dissolving pulp business. Both sides agree unanimously that, by virtue of the favorable“Belt and Road”situations and the deepening relations between China and Russia, they will further strengthen the bilateral business cooperation in an all-around way.

    The visit has laid a solid foundation for furthering the cooperation in the days to come.


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Chaoyang District, Bejing 100021,China

MON-FRI 08:30~17:00