Genertec Declares Appointment of the New General Manager for Chinalight Group

2020-02-12 18:53:54 办公室 13

  On the afternoon of Feb. 11, a caucus(video conference)was held by Chinalight Group, at which Genertec ---- Chinalight Group’s immediate superior ---- declared the appointment of the new general manager of Chinalight Group. Genertec Director Tan Xinghui, Genertec’s Deputy General Manager Zhou Mingchun, and Genertec’s HR Head Yan Libing participated in the meeting, and members of Chinalight Group’s leading team and persons in charge of the company’s related functional departments were present at the conference. Genertec’s Deputy General Manager Zhou Mingchun presided over the conference.

  According to the announcement, Su Zili has been appointed Director, General Manager and Deputy Party Secretary of Chinalight Group.


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