Chinalight Group CEO Conducts Research and Gives Guidance at CNPPC

2020-04-17 10:26:56 办公室 10

  On Apr. 9, Chinalight Group CEO Su Zili went to China National Paper & Pulp Import & Export Corp. (CNPPC) to do research and offer guidance. Leading members and business core members of CNPPC attended the marketing seminar.


  CEO Su Zili listened carefully to the introduction from CNPPC, got wise to the company’s development history, main business operations in recent years, and construction of the risk management system. Afterwards, CEO Su Zili held in-depth talks and exchanged views with CNPPC members on such issues as business model, operating capacity, risk prevention and control, with the focus centered on the status quo of CNPPC. Attendees at the seminar widened their minds to launch benchmarking with advanced units of the same industry, making comparisons in a multi-dimensional way in terms of main business scope, service quality and management model, and made detailed analysis of CNPPC’s status, advantages and drawbacks in both domestic and foreign markets.
  CEO Su Zili also stressed that CNPPC should concentrate its efforts on finding out disparities to pursue development and using its advantages exactly to shore up weak spots. To push ahead CNPPC’s future work, CEO Su Zili made requirements in four aspects:Firstly, CNPPC should cast away its traditional trains of thought and take the initiative in making changes and, with the realization of quality development as the long-term objective, should pool strength to develop its main business;Secondly, CNPPC should advance the institutional innovation by taking the mixed ownership reform as the orientation and extending from the industrial upstream and downstream so as to strengthen the driving force behind the enterprise;Thirdly, CNPPC should enhance the Party building work to conscientiously bring the roles of Party grassroots branches into good play to strengthen creativity, cohesion and combat effectiveness;Fourthly, on the basis of fostering a harmonious and stable atmosphere for business operation, CNPPC should put forth effort to improve its soft strength for its development and open up new prospects for its future work.


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