Chinalight Group Leader Does Research at CEIEC

2020-05-08 13:13:11 办公室 9

  Recently, Zhang Liyou, discipline inspection leader of Chinalight Group, did research work and gave guidance at Chinalight Everbright Import & Export Corporation ( CEIEC ) in the company of related personnel. CEIEC’s leading members participated in the research work. 

  CEIEC’s general manager Zhao Wei made an introduction to the subsidiary company’s history, institutional framework, Party branch building, business operation, management rectification, etc., laying particular emphasis on the major business models adopted and marketing conditions. 



  On listening to the report, discipline inspection leader Zhang asked in detail about the authorization examination and approval for CEIEC, customer choosing and rating conducted by CEIEC, risk control measures adopted by CEIEC in business operation, and held talks with CEIEC staffs over such issues as risk prevention and monitoring mechanism, trade prospects for bulk commodities, etc.

  Discipline inspection leader Zhang fully affirmed the efforts made by CEIEC for Chinalight Group in the implementation of its development strategy focused on its core business sectors, as well as the positioning and tactics of CEIEC in dealing in chemical products. He hoped that CEIEC could continue to bring the advantages of the state-owned enterprise into play, overcome difficulties brought about by the present Convid-19, link the Party branch building properly with business management, and earnestly give play to the vanguard role of the Party branch in real earnest. 

  Discipline inspection leader Zhang set six points of requirements on CEIEC:Firstly, efforts should be made to further strengthen Party building work to guide the operation and development of CEIEC;Secondly, the Convid-19 prevention work should be conducted on a regular basis, and the resumption of work should be done in a better way;Thirdly, the relationship between business and politics should be understood properly and Party building should be combined with business development;Fourthly, institutional construction should be strengthened and risks should be controlled in a strict manner;Fifthly, the inspection and rectification work should be well conducted and problems left behind from the past should be well resolved;Sixthly, enforcement of Party discipline should be strengthened in a comprehensive way, and “A Post with Double Duty System” should be carried out in a proper manner.

  CEIEC’s general manager said CEIEC will, in the light of Chinalight Group’s requirements, give positive play to the vanguard role of the Party branch,live up to its responsibility in solidarity, and conduct business in depth and in real earnest, so as to make contribution to the stable, sustainable and high-quality development of Chinalight Group.


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