Chinalight Group Chairperson and Director Visit Wool and Cashmere Project in Datong

2020-05-11 14:56:18 办公室 11


  On May 8, Dong Guanghong, Chairperson of Chinalight Group, and Qin Jiazhi, Director of Chinalight Group, led a team  to the city of Datong, Shanxi Province and made an on-the-spot study of the wool and cashmere project, an intended joint venture between Chinalight Group and Datong’s local firms,and had a panel discussion with Feng Wenming, Executive Director of ZYINTEX and Gao Shangping, Ronghui Investment Co., Ltd. of Datong Economic and Technological Development Zone, about accelerating the development of the wool and cashmere project. Related executive personnel of China National Light Industrial Products Import and Export Technical Service Co., Ltd. were present at the meeting.



  The parties concerned held in-depth talks over such focal points as the positioning and goals of the joint venture, rights and obligations of the parties concerned, the organizational structure of the joint business, etc. Parties at the meeting reached consensus on some matters of principle, and made specific arrangements for accelerating the work in the days to come. Before the meeting, Chinalight Group leaders thoroughly inspected the project of Datong Textile New Town, and talked in detail with the working staffs over the latest development of workshop construction, equipment technology, production and processing and so forth.


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