Chinalight Leaders Do Research at Yantai Plastic Packaging Material Co., Ltd.

2020-05-22 15:50:04 办公室 22


  On May 12, Chinalight Group Chairperson Dong Guanghong and Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhang Liyou led a team to the plastic packaging material company, a Yantai-based subsidiary of Chinalight Group, Shangdong Province, to conduct research work. The research team visited the showroom , inquired about employees’ work and life, looked in depth into the hose production workshop, the injection molding workshop and the clean production workshop, and listened to the packaging company’s monographic report on the production management, Party building work, inspection-based rectification work, mechanism and institutional reforms, etc. 

  When listening to the report, Chairperson Dong Guanghong gave advice on such matters as business cost control, quality management, technical innovation upgrading, product R&D, customer expansion, business integration, etc. He stressed that enterprise leaders should emancipate their minds, transform their ways of thinking, innovate in business management ideas, tamp the basis for development on their own, take the initiative in carrying out Genertec’s “Five Development Strategies”, actively gear their medical service business to market opportunities, improve their ability of technical research, development and upgrading, give good play to the roles of the policies, conscientiously do a good job of the Fourteenth Five-Year Development Plan, so as to lay a foundation for the transformation and upgrading and the mixed reform of state-owned enterprises in the days ahead. In the meantime, Chinalight Group leaders also exchanged views and made discussions with the packaging company’s main leaders respectively.

  Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhang Liyou pointed out that leaders of the packaging company should strengthen their confidence, face up to the problems, maintain stability and, in line with the actual conditions, link the Party building work closely to enterprise production, transformation and development. Meanwhile, he suggested that the packaging company should actively adapt to Genertec’s preferential policies with regard to enterprise technical R&D, business loans, staff re-settlement, etc. and, on the basis of market conditions and customer demand, do a good job of business strategic development plan in real earnest and realize the business transformation and development in real sense. 



  In the evening, the research team held talks with the packaging company’s cadres, Party members, and employee representatives over such matters as employees’ aspiration for personal development and orientation for enterprise transformation. Chinalight Group leaders took careful notes of questions and suggestions put forward by those present at the meeting and responded to the questions and suggestions. Meanwhile, Chinalight Group leaders also spoke highly of the years’ unremitting efforts contributed by all employees of the packaging company.


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