Genertec Deputy General Manager Zhou Mingchun Does Research at Chinalight

2020-05-23 10:29:58 办公室 8


  On May 20, Genertec Deputy General Manager Zhou Mingchun, in the company of related leaders from Genertec’s Trade and Business Team, Genertec Audit and Risk Management Department, came to Chinalight Group to do research and held a seminar with leaders of Chinalight Group. Persons in charge of functional and business departments of Chinalight Group sat in on the seminar.

  Deputy General Manager Zhou Mingchun and other Genertec leaders put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on Chinalight’s development strategy, business models, reform and innovation, and stressed that Chinalight Group should continue to consolidate and maintain the hard-won anti-Coronavirus achievements and should by no means slacken the efforts. He said that Chinalight Group should seize the business development opportunities in the post-epidemic era and strive to fulfill all tasks set for the year. 



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