Chinalight Group General Manager Visits Benchmarking Firms in Zhejiang Province

2020-06-03 12:25:34 办公室 2

  When Chinalight strategic seminar was being held, Chinalight Group’s General Manager Su Zili led a team to Zhejiang Province from May 28th till 29th, where they visited Zhejiang State-Owned Capital Operation Co., Ltd. (ZSCO for short), Wuchan Zhongda Group Co., Ltd.(WCZD for short)and China Chengtong International Co., Ltd.(CCIC for short)for benchmarking study. Related personnel from Chinalight Group participated in the visits. 



  On the morning of May 28th, General Manager Su Zili paid a visit to ZSCO, where he met with ZSCO’s General Manager Yin Guoping who gave a cordial reception and introduced ZSCO’s basic conditions, such as business performance, organizational structure, business layout, etc. He especially gave an account of ZSCO’s experience in governance system, management system, employee encouragement, mixed ownership reform and financial investment. 



  On the afternoon of May 28th, General Manager Su Zili and his people visited WCZD, where he met with WCZD’s Vice President Gao Bingxue who gave a detailed introduction to WCZD’s history and experiences in the integrated services in WCZD’s supply chain, financial service, high-end industry one-body-with-two-wings layout and the mixed ownership reform, investment management system, as well as its operations and strategic planning in the fields of chemical industry, metal material and timber business. Both sides laid emphasis on the mixed ownership reform, employee stock ownership dynamic adjustment, employee encouragement, trade transformation and business cooperation in their in-depth talks.

  On the morning of May 29th, General Manager Su Zili and his party visited CCIC, where he met with CCIC’s General Manager Cao Fugen who introduced in detail CCIC’s development history and business operation, particularly the prominent roles played by the company’s ,“performance philosophy” culture and its incentive mechanism in the operation of the bulk commodities. Both sides made in-depth talks over such issues as risk collateral mechanism, bonus calculation and deduction mechanism that are closely related to the operation of bulk commodities.


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