Chinalight Group CFO Guo Yuyi Presides Over Work-related Exchange Meeting at Yantai Packaging Company

2020-08-13 11:47:26 办公室 3

  On the morning of June 3, CFO of Chinalight Group Guo Yuyi presided over the work-related exchange meeting at Yantai Packaging Company Limited. Leaders of the packaging company attended the meeting online, and leaders of the General Manager’s Office, the Strategic and Operations Department, the Business Management Department, HR, the Party and Mass Affairs Department and the Inspection Office attended the meeting on site.


  The work-related exchange meeting was aimed at discussions over the feedback on relevant work conducted by various units recently, so as to boost the implementation of the work. CFO Guo Yuyi firstly expressed the solicitude and attention given by Chinalight Group leaders to the packaging company. Leaders of the functional departments reported at the meeting on the work progress and work plans for the next stage. Attendees of the packaging company expressed gratitude to leaders of Chinalight Group and to the departments for their care and support, and exchanged views on relevant issues. CFO Guo Yuyi also put forth instructional opinions and suggestions on specific issues.

  CFO Guo Yuyi stressed at the end of the meeting that related functional departments should continue to strengthen the linkup with the packaging company to ensure the timely transmission of relevant information to the recipients. She said that efforts should be made to do the management work well and that related support and service should be properly guaranteed to be geared to the actual conditions of the packaging company so as to give an impetus to the stable management of the packaging company. In the meantime, she demanded that the packaging company should also strengthen the day-to-day communication and contact with Chinalight head office, give feedback on relevant situations in time, and go all out to fulfill the targets and tasks set for the whole year. 


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