Chinalight Group CEO Meets with CATARC’s General Manager

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Chinalight Group CEO Meets with CATARC’s General Manager

2020-07-28 16:00:30 Chinalight Group  74


  On July 25, Chinalight Group CEO Su Zili met at Chinalight Plaza with visitors from China Automotive Technology and Research Center Co., Ltd., (CATARC) headed by General Manager Wan Xinming. Both sides made in-depth talks and communication over such topics as crossover cooperation, transformation-oriented development strategy, and motivation of innovation and performance creation. Both sides agreed that they would give full play to their respective advantages and strengthen coordination and cooperation with the sister companies under Genertec so as to let trade contribute to actual business development. Both sides also made in-depth discussions over the bilateral cooperation in the extension of part of the chemical products to the automobile industry and decided to jointly boost the implementation of some items.

Chinalight Group CFO Guo Yuyi, together with other related personnel, was present at the meeting.



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