Chinalight Group CEO Meets with Guests from CDB

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Chinalight Group CEO Meets with Guests from CDB

2020-08-06 12:17:15 Chinalight Group 80


  On August 5, Chinalight Group CEO Su Zili met at Chinalight Plaza with Li Mo, a division head of China Development Bank (CDB) and Yang Zhong from China-Africa Development Fund Department. Personnel from Chinalight Group’s cocoa bean project team and law specialists attended the meeting.

  The project team firstly introduced the preparatory work conducted recently for the construction of the cocoa processing plant in Ghana, particularly laid emphasis on the such matters as Genertec’s internal hand-over, feasibility study reports, and negotiations with Ghana Cocoa Board. Both sides made in-depth talks with regard to international market situations, influencing factors, structure of the China-Ghana negotiation team, basic negotiation terms and conditions and business joint-action mechanism, and straightened out and confirmed what to be done for the next step.



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