Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Development of the Pulp Industry Signed

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Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Development of the Pulp Industry Signed

2020-08-21 15:50:44 Chinalight Group 52


  On Aug. 20, Chinalight Group CEO Su Zili and his party, on behalf of Chinalight Group, entered into a four-party strategic cooperation agreement jointly with China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd.(CAMC), CNIC Corporation Limited (CNIC) and the Genertec New Material Company (NMC) with a view to facilitating the basic orientation and the overall conception for the integration of the pulp fiber and paper industry and to guiding and boosting the deep-going cooperation of specific projects.

  Chinalight Group has rich experience for 70 years in terms of pulp and paper trade and enjoys a high prestige and popularity in international pulp and paper industry.

  Being a subsidiary of China National Machinery Industry Corporation Ltd.(Sinomach), CAMC’s core business include international EPC(lump-sum contracting) and investment and trade home and abroad, and has rich experience in building and operating the pulp factory with an annual output of 400000 tons in Belarus.

  Incorporated in Hong Kong in May, 2012, CNIC shoulders a major responsibility of giving support to Chinese enterprises’ internationalized operation and realizing the maintenance and appreciation of state-owned capital.

  Genertec New Material Company is a newly established professional new material business management platform, with developing lyocell at full pelt being one of its important missions.

  The framework strategic cooperation agreement newly signed between Genertec and Sinomach and the strategic cooperation agreement signed between Chinalight Group, Genertec New Material and CAMC are the further elaborated and implemented framework strategic cooperation agreement entered into at the level of two central enterprise groups. The strategic alliance established among the four companies will give full play to their respective advantages in terms of pulp industrial application, building and operation of pulp factories, financial investment, product sales, etc., bring the overall strength of central enterprises into play, and go global hand in hand to jointly push ahead the rapid development of the green fiber industry and the pulp industry to forge the international competitive edges of the industries.   



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