CFO Does Logistics and Warehousing Research in Shanghai, Zhangjiagang and Zhenjiang

2020-10-13 10:40:01 办公室外联部 8

       CFO Does Logistics and Warehousing Research in Shanghai,Zhangjiagang and Zhenjiang

2020-09-07 09:08:38 Chinalight Group 89

  From Aug. 31 to Sep. 3rd, Guo Yuyi, CFO of Chinalight Group, went to Shanghai, Zhangjiagang and Zhenjiang to conduct logistics and warehousing research on site, in the company of related personnel from Sumstar Group Corp., CNPPC (paper & pulp corp.) and Chinalight Group’s logistics department.


  The CFO paid an emphatic visit to Chinalight Group’s key warehouses in above-mentioned places, and made an inventory of the goods in stock together with the related personnel and learned about the warehousing management model, operating processes and commodity storage.

  During her visit, CFO Guo Yuyi visited main leaders of Shanghai Yangyang International Logistics Supply Chain Group Corporation, Shanghai Feima Uni Tops International Logistics Co., Ltd., Zhangjiagang Bonded Area Changjiang International Port Co., Ltd., and Zhenjiang Port Group Co., Ltd., exchanging views in depth on cooperation with the related companies and conducting discussions and communication with the said companies over such matters as transformation of logistics management patterns, supply chain extension services, new information-oriented warehousing management models, etc.



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