Board Chairperson Pan Wang Meets with President of China Animal-Products Marketing Association

2019-02-25 10:28:47 办公室 24


  On Feb. 22, Chinalight Group Board Chairperson Pan Wang met at Chinalight Plaza with leaders of China Animal-products Marketing Association, including President Pan Zhongshu, Executive Vice President Ni Jing, Vice President Shen Jing and Secretary-General Zhang Guangpu, to hold in-depth talks over the Shanxi-based wool and cashmere project. Chinalight Group Deputy General Manager Yu Ying, as well as related personnel from Chinalight Group’s Strategic and Operations Management Department, Chinalight Tri-Union International Co., Ltd., and the General Manager’s Office, attended the meeting.

  In the meeting, Board Chairperson Pan Wang and President Pan Zhongshu exchanged views on current domestic and overseas animal-products market situations, especially wool and cashmere market situations. Board Chairperson Pan Wang pointed out that Chinalight Group is bending itself to its“International Trade+”strategic transformation, and the construction of Chinalight Group’s industries and logistics bases featured by the Shanxi-based wool and cashmere project will play a vital role in forming Chinalight Group’s core competitiveness and realizing its strategic transformation. Chinalight Group attaches great importance to the cooperation with China Animal-Products Marketing Association, a professional trade organization for animal-products in China, to jointly push ahead the wool and cashmere project.

  President Pan Zhongshu expressed that China Animal-Products has always paid much attention to the wool and cashmere project, and that the association will go to great lengths to popularize the project and offer necessary assistance to Chinalight Group in the construction of the said project.



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