sulfur and methyl alcohol...

       As an important supplier of chemical raw materials in China and by virtue of its conscientious operation and development for decades of years, Chinalight Group has established its well-managed purchasing and marketing channels and good reputation at home and abroad and has won wide acclaim and recognition among Chinese and foreign customers. A number of business items run by Chinalight Group have come out top in China’s segmentation industries, such as sulfur and methyl alcohol, etc. Not only does Chinalight Group hold a big share in China’s import of chemical products, but it is also an important participator in the field of chemical industry. Chinalight Group will spare no effort to provide customers with maximized value-added services and take vigorous action to exploit chemical material trade with more market potentials to meet the rising market demands in the Chinese economy to the full.   

Business Operators:

        Sumstar Group Corp.

        Chinalight Everbright Import & Export Corporation

        Chinalight General Trading LLC

        Tri-Union ( Russia ) Ltd.

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