cocoa beans, feedstuff materials, oil and oilseeds...

       With its rich trade experience and business channels accumulated in the field of agricultural products such as cocoa beans, feedstuff materials, oil and oilseeds, etc., Chinalight Group has constantly expanded its domestic and overseas markets, established perfect supply and service chains home and abroad and set up full-blown warehousing and logistics networks to provide customers with integrated services of SOE qualities, thereby winning wide acclaim and good reputation in the market. In the days to come, Chinalight Group will continue its effort to increase its management performance and market occupancy in the segmentation industry, make explorations for the extension of its business operation to the food processing trade sector, make still greater efforts to tap agricultural resources from countries participating in the “Belt and Road” initiative, and build up the brands of its own.

Business Operators: 

        Genertec International Corporation

        Chinalight General Merchandise Import and Export Corporation

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