In recent years, Chinalight Group has begun to explore ways for the establishment of 6 major development models with G2B2C ( a government – business – customer operation model ) as the point of entry to get deeply involved in one or several links in the supply chain services of the cross-border e-commerce to acquire steady operation and earning capabilities. Models are as follows:

        I. To give full play to the regional advantages of Harbin as a key city for China-Russia trade, and to conduct quality inspection and quarantine of timber, paper and pulp ;

        II. To probe into the business model of centralized purchasing and distribution at fans communities in such major cities as Zhengzhou where e-commerce customers boom;

        III.To foster distribution centers for regional fast-moving consumer goods and means of production and probe into the “centralized purchasing+certification+distribution” business model in such regional major cities as Hangzhou and Wuhan;

         IV. To select mature cross-border e-commerce platforms to promote the online transaction model for such bulk commodities as sulfur, methyl alcohol, nonferrous metals and other chemical products,with the import of bulk commodities as the core;

        V.To capitalize on the e-commerce platform to realize the online sales of such commodities as chocolate to boost such consumer goods as cocoa beans, and to make explorations for the creation of commodity villages like the cocoa bean village;

        VI.To cooperate with such third-party platforms as JD.COM, Tmall and Amazon, etc. to conduct the model of online proprietary sales. 

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